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January 21, 2018  

EP#24 Stranger Things 2 (2017)

While it’s technically not a superhero film, Stranger Things 2 is a show filled with pop culture references that it became almost necessary that we discuss it on this show! Myke Olsen returns to the show and Matt Loper joins for the first time to talk about all the creepy things happening to the Hopper, Joyce, Eleven, and the boys in Hawkins Indiana! Along with discussing the details of the show we also discuss the importance of being yourself, friendship, not waiting for others to solve your problems and much more!

January 16, 2018  

EP#23 Why Superheroes Inspire Me

This week we aren’t talking about a specific movie and there are no guests. It just me, Thomas, sharing a little bit about why I started this podcast and why I love superheroes. Along with sharing why superheroes are so important to me I also express my gratitude to all the listeners and how you can become a guest on the show!


EP#22 Superhero Movie Awards 2017

On the first episode of 2018, we are going back and looking at all the Superhero films of 2017. This past year was one of the best years for superhero films and we wanted to honor that by looking at all the great films we got this year. Here are some of the awards that we give out and discuss in the first ever Superhero Moviecast awards: best actor, best actress, best fight scene, most inspiring moment, best film, and much more! Matt Olsen, Moriya Porter, and Colton Brazier join in to help determine which nominees take home the awards. We finish up the episode by talking about which superhero film coming out in 2018! 


EP#21 Star Wars The Last Jedi Part 2

There was just so much to talk about that this week we are doing round 2 of Star Wars The Last Jedi! This week Moriya Bradley returns and new guest Tyson Oliver joins the show. While on last week’s episode we all gushed over the Last Jedi, this week we are getting a better representation of what the movie’s fan response has been. Some have hated it, others are mixed on it, and then some love it. This week you will get a little bit of it all as we talk more about The Last Jedi.


EP#20 Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017)

It’s finally here! Spoiler talk for Star Wars The Last Jedi! In this episode, Matt Olsen, Colton Braizer, and Marianne Nicoll join Thomas to dive deep into The Last Jedi. While its getting rave reviews from critics, fans seem to have mixed thoughts about it. Some love it, others hate it, and a lot are somewhere in-between. Listen to find out where we all stand with it. Along with discussing the movie itself we also talk extensively about the film’s inspiring themes such as failure, fighting for the things we love, showing love to others in need, embracing who we are despite our backgrounds, and much more! Thanks for listening! If you like what you heard leave us a review, share it with a friend, or come find us on social media!

December 15, 2017  

EP#19 Star Wars The Last Jedi Instant Reaction (Spoiler Free)

Star Wars The Last Jedi is finally here! Matt and Thomas share their spoiler-free reactions immediately after seeing the movie. There are also two guest appearances by Jacob Miller and Colton Braizer. What did they all think of it? Did it live up to all the hype? Is a worthy addition to the Star Wars universe? Or was a big misstep? They answer all these questions without spoiling the movie for you!

December 11, 2017  

EP#18 Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015)

As we are now days away from Star Wars The Last Jedi we are going back to talk about the previous entry in the Star Wars Universe, The Force Awakens. Matt Olsen, Myke Olsen, and Colton Braizer are here to talk Star Wars. We discuss why we love Star Wars, is this movie really a rip off A New Hope, Rey’s journey, our hope for the Last Jedi, and much more. Tune in to listen and remember to leave us a review and subscribe to the show!

December 4, 2017  

EP#17 The Top 10 Best Star Wars Moments

We are now less than two weeks away from Star Wars The Last Jedi! While we anxiously await it's release this week we are going back and talking about our favorite Star Wars moments! Matt and Myke Olsen join the show as we count down what we think are the greatest moments in the Star Wars films. Make sure to tune in to find which moments we think are the best. What are some of your favorite Star Wars moments? 


EP#16 Justice League (2017)

The Justice League has finally been assembled on the big screen, but is it everything that we hoped it would be? Matt Olsen joins us as we discuss the long-anticipated team-up between Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, and maybe Superman? We chat about all the characters, major plot points, what worked and what maybe didn’t, and of course, we talk about what we found inspiring about this movie. Check out the episode and let us know what you thought about Justice League!


Justice League Instant Reaction!

Justice League hits theaters everywhere this weekend, but Thomas was able to see an early screening of it! In this episode, he shares his spoiler-free reaction just minutes after seeing the film. Check out this short episode to hear what he thought about the movie and if it's worth your time! There are no spoilers in this discussion so make sure to tune in to hear what he thought before you check out this movie this weekend!