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December 9, 2018  

EP#70 The Best Superhero Christmas Stories!

This week on the Superhero Moviecast podcast we are spreading holiday cheer for all to hear! Tim Champlin and Jeffery Moss join this special Christmas episode to discuss our favorite superhero Christmas/Holiday stories! We discuss all kinds of stories across movies, TV shows, video games, and comics! This episode combines two of the best things on earth Superheroes and Christmas! Along with some great conversations, there may also be a Christmas miracle that takes places! What are some of your favorite superhero Christmas stories?

December 3, 2018  

EP#69 Rocky Series Revisit

This week we are taking a brief detour from superhero films to chat about the Rocky series! Zaki Hasan from the MovieFilm Podcast joins me as we jump through the whole Rocky franchise from Rocky 1 all the way to Creed 2! We discuss some of our favorite moments from the series, why this franchise is still relevant today, and much more and as we explore the Rocky series!

November 25, 2018  

EP#68 X-Men The Last Stand (2006)

This week we are continuing our discussion of the original X-Men trilogy by talking about X-Men The Last Stand! This movie is usually a mixed bag with most fans but on this episode, Matt Olsen and Tim Champlin join the conversation to talk about why this movie may not be as bad as you remember. Along with discussing the film we also share our memories of when we first saw the movie, some of the more meaningful moments, some constructive criticism, and why the X-Men are so awesome!

November 19, 2018  

EP# 67 X2 X-Men United (2003)

This week we are back talking about X2 X-Men United! This is widely known as one of the best X-Men films and one of the best superhero sequels, but does it still hold up? Along with that we also discuss the themes of fearing and accepting those who are different! We also take a few minutes to pay tribute to Stan Lee who recently passed away.

November 12, 2018  

EP#66 X-Men (2000)

This week Matt Olsen joins the show to talk all about the 2000 film X-Men! We share our memories of when we first saw the movie, discuss whether or not it still holds up, the inspired casting of Hugh Jackman, the themes of fearing those that are different, and much more. Along with that we also get on a slight tangent talking about the Rocky series.

November 5, 2018  

EP#65 Daredevil Season 3 (2018)

This week Tim Champlin joins the show to talk about the latest season of the Marvel Netflix series Daredevil! We talk all about why this season may be the best yet! Along with the that we discuss the powerhouse performances from the actors, the great character development, our favorite fights, the fascinating dialogue around faith and religion, not letting other people influence your personal values and much more! Make sure to check it out!

October 31, 2018  

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cross Over with Victims and Villains!

Part 2 of our crossover is here! To hear the rest of our thoughts about the Amazing Spider-Man series make sure to check it out over at Victims and Villains! Listen here

October 28, 2018  

EP#64 The Amazing Spider-man (2012)

This week is part 1 one of our crossover event with the Victims and Villains Podcast! We are covering the Amazing Spider-Man here at Superhero Moviecast and Amazing Spider-Man 2 over at the Victims and Villains podcast. Tim Champlin and Josh Burkey join this week to talk about this forgotten Spider-Man flick. Is it a worthy entry into the Spider-Man filmography or was it a missed opportunity? After listening to this episode make sure to head over to Victims and Villains to hear the rest of the conversation about The Amazing Spider-Man 2! 

October 15, 2018  

EP#63 Spider-Man 3 (2007)

This week we are discussing the infamous Spider-Man 3! This is the movie that killed the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films and is also considered by many to be one of the worst superhero films. But is it really that bad? Does it deserve all the hate it gets? Tim Champlin and Jeffery Moss join the show this week to try and answer that question! Along the way we break down each character, the multiple plots lines this movie tries to cram into it, and whether or not the film's central themes of forgiveness and battling the darkness within ourselves actual works or not! Let us know what you think of Spider-Man 3! 

October 7, 2018  

EP#62 Venom (2018)

This week we are talking all about the brand new Venom movie! Critics have not been too kind to it but is it really that bad? Moriya Bradley and Dallin Curtis join this episode to share their thoughts about Venom and whether or not it’s as bad the critics say. What did you think of Venom?