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EP#58 Superman and Superman 2 (1978 & 1980)

This week on the podcast, we are venturing back in time to two of the very first superhero films, Superman and Superman 2! Jake Deitz joins the show to discuss these two classic films. We talk about the iconic performance of Christopher Reeves, the influence these films have had on modern superhero films, and much more. Along with that we also discuss the wholesomeness of the character and how we could use more of that in our world today!

September 13, 2018  

The 5 Ground Breaking Superhero Films

by Dallin Curtis 

I'm a huge fan of superhero films. I love watching them, finding their deeper meanings, learning how they were made, but most of all, researching what impact they had on audiences when released.

Believe it or not, numerous superhero films have earned this adjective because they all did the same thing: they kicked off the modern trend of superhero films. In many of my studies, this particular adjective attached to many superhero films, such as Richard Donner's "Superman: The Movie," Tim Burton's "Batman," Bryan Singer's "X-Men" and Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" to name a few. How are so many superhero films groundbreaking, if the word means that you accomplished something that no other has?

Due to such confusion, I've decided to create a list of groundbreaking superhero films. For this list, I've decided to narrow the number down to just five, and these five selections all passed certain criteria that I created to help diversify the reasons for what made each of them significant. Without further delay, here it is my list of the five groundbreaking superhero films.

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EP#57 Ranking the Batman Films & The Batman Movies That Were Almost Made!

This week we have a jammed pack episode as we finish up our Batman phase! Josh Burkey from the Victims and Villains podcast and Matt Olsen join to discuss the numerous Batman movies that were almost made! We explore the premise of these films and whether or not we think they would have worked as a live action Batman film. We then switch gears and share our rankings of the 12 Batman films that were released in theaters! The 12 Batman movies are:

Batman 66

Batman 89

Batman Returns

Batman Mask of the Phantasm

Batman Forever

Batman and Robin

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

The Lego Batman Movie

Justice League

We share our rankings and why they are our favorites! How would you rank the Batman films?


EP#56 Batman Under the Red Hood (2010)

This week we are discussing the animated Batman film Batman Under the Red Hood! Released in 2010, this underrated gem tells an amazing emotional story about Batman and his relationship with Robin and the Joker. Tim Champlin and Moriya Bradley join this episode to talk about why this is a film that is worth your time!


EP#55 Batman Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

This week we are talking about the acclaimed animated film Batman Mask of the Phantasm! Matt and Myke Olsen join the show to talk about why this is one of the greatest Batman stories ever told! Listen to find out why this story of love, pain, loss, vengeance, and mystery makes not only one of the best Batman movies but one of the best superhero films of all time!


EP#54 Batman and Robin (1997)

This week we have a full house as we discuss what is considered not only one of the worst Batman/superhero films, but one of the worst films of all time, Batman and Robin! But is it really that bad? Or is it an entertaining movie that with some perspective can actually be entertaining? We talk all about it this week! Matt Olsen, Moriya Bradley, and Josh Burkey join to share their thoughts on this much-maligned Bat flick as we continue through the Batman filmography. Along the way, we share our childhood memories of when we first saw this film, our thoughts about each of the characters, the surprisingly meaningful Alfred subplot, and our favorite Ice-puns! What do you think of Batman and Robin?


EP#53 Batman Forever (1995)

Our journey through the Batman filmography continues this week with a discussion of the underrated gem Batman Forever. Matt Olsen and Brendan Low join Thomas for an in-depth discussion about why you should give this movie another chance. Then as an extra bonus, Josh Burkey joins Thomas to talk a little bit about why this movie actually has some depth to it by exploring the psyche of Bruce Wayne. Underneath the 90’s goodness, the neon lights, and the over the top performance, there is a great Batman flick underneath!

August 7, 2018  

Star Wars Ranked

With the Last Jedi just being released it's time to look back at the rest of the Star Wars series. Here are my personal rankings of all the Star Wars films.

10. Attack of the Clones


While the Battle of Geonosis and seeing Yoda use a lightsaber for the first are some of the best spectacles in a Star Wars movie it's not enough to save it from being the worst Star Wars film. From wooden acting, cringe-worthy dialog, some boring politics, and zero chemistry between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman are enough to put this film in last place. With that said though it's not all bad like many people like to claim. Obi-wan investigating the clone army is a lot of fun and Anakin's mother's death scene is also a strong moment in this film.

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EP#52 Batman Returns (1992)

This week on the podcast our journey through the Batman filmography begins! After coming on to discuss Batman 89 a few months back Lisa, from the I Love That Movie Podcast, is back to continue to the conversation with Batman Returns! We discuss why this bizarre Tim Burton movie is a worthy entry into the Batman filmography. Along with that, we dive deep into the unstable characters arcs of the Penguin, Catwoman, and Batman himself!

Also, make sure to check out Lisa on her podcast I Love That Movie!


EP#51 Mission Impossible Fallout (2018)

Your mission should you chose to accept it is to listen to this podcast episode! This week we have a bonus episode for you! Justin Lozada stops by to discuss the Mission Impossible series and the newest film in the franchise, Mission Impossible Fallout! While the series does not technically fall under the superhero genre Ethan Hunt at this point is a hero and he’s pretty super in the way he saves the day. So along with our thoughts about Fall Out we also do a rundown of each of the films in the series as well!