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February 18, 2019  

EP#79 The 10 Best Superhero Films!

After covering the worst and the most underappreciated superhero films, this week we are discussing our 10 favorite superhero films! Jeffery Moss, Dallin Curtis, and Timothy Champlin join this monster episode to countdown our favorite superhero films! What are you your favorites?

February 10, 2019  

EP#78 Underrated Superhero Films

On today’s episode, we are talking all about what we think are some of the most underrated superhero films! Jeffery Moss and Dallin Curtis join me once again to share their thoughts on some of the most underappreciated films in the genre. Along with that we also take a few minutes to talk about some of our guilty pleasures.

February 6, 2019  

Top 5 Hopes for “The Batman”

by Timothy Champlin

Last week it was announced that the Matt Reeves-directed superhero film The Batman (likely a temporary title) would be officially released on June 25, 2021. Since then the nerd side of the internet has been publishing articles constantly about what actors could take Ben Affleck's place, what the movie is about, and what comics the film will be based off. Since this announcement, me and some of the other members of the Superhero Movie Cast League (I inducted myself, thanks Thomas) have had similar discussions. Suffice it to say we are excited about this movie and the conversation will likely continue until the release of the movie itself. Having given it some thought I wanted to provide the nerd net with my hopes and dreams for The Batman. Namely, Matt Reeves, if you're reading this, this is my Christmas wish list for you. Please hire me to work on this movie for you.

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February 4, 2019  

EP#77 The 10 Worst Superhero Films!

Typically on the show, we usually try and stay positive but this week we are talking about what we consider some of the worst superhero movies! Jeffery Moss and Dallin Curtis join me to countdown our 10 least favorite superhero films! Make sure to listen to hear our picks! In your opinion what are the worst superhero films?

January 27, 2019  

EP#76 Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

On this week’s episode, we are taking a break from superheroes and discussing the middle earth film series! Jeffery Moss and Tim Champlin join the show to talk all about the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films! We review each film and also share our rankings of the series!

January 22, 2019  

EP#75 The EastRail 177 Trilogy (aka Unbreakable, Split, Glass)

On today’s show, Josh Burkey from Victims and villains joins to discuss the Eastrail 177 trilogy (aka Unbreakable, Split, and the newly released film Glass)! We run through each film and give our thoughts and what inspired us most about these films! We also end by sharing our rankings of the trilogy. After checking out this episode make sure to then head over to Victims and Villains were Josh and I go in depth on the brand new film Glass! We share all our thoughts about whether or not this movie was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy! Check it out here:



January 22, 2019  

Glass Crossover with Victims and Villains!

This week we teamed up with Josh Burkey from Victims and Villains podcast to talk about the conclusion the Eastrail 77 trilogy, Glass! Josh and I discuss our thoughts on the movie and whether or not it's a worthy conclusion. We also dive deep and talk about the many themes that arise from this movie! Check it out here: Victims and Villains Glass Episodes! 

January 13, 2019  

EP#74 Our Favorite Movies of 2018

This week Colton Brazier and Andrew Schumacher join the show to countdown our 10 favorite films of 2018! We also share some honorable mentions that didn’t make the top ten and also movies we are looking forward to most in 2019! What were some of your favorites from 2018?

January 6, 2019  

EP#73 2018 Superhero Movie Awards!

On the first episode of 2019, we are going back and looking at all the Superhero films of 2018. This past year was one of the best years for superhero films and we wanted to honor that by looking at all the great films we got this year. Here are some of the awards that we give out and discuss in the 2018 Superhero Movie awards: best actor, best actress, best fight scene, most inspiring moment, best film, and much more! Matt Olsen, Moriya Porter, Tim Champlin, and Jeffrey Moss join in to help determine which nominees take home the awards! What are your favorite Superhero Movies of 2018?

December 30, 2018  

EP#72 Aquaman (2018)

We are back this week talking about the brand new DC film Aquaman! Aquaman has been making a "splash" at the box office and getting mostly positive reviews. Matt Olsen joins me to talk about the film and whether or not we thought it was a worthy entry into the superhero genre. We also spend a few minutes talking about Deadpool's foray into PG-13 territory by discussing Once Upon a Deadpool.