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August 18, 2019  

EP#99 Comic Book Picks for Thomas!

This week on the show Jeffery Moss and Tim Champlin are here to talk all about comics books. They have both picked 5 different comic book stories that they think Thomas needs to read! If you are looking for some great comic books to check out or want to hear what they pick for Thomas make sure to tune in to this episode!

August 7, 2019  

EP#98 Indiana Jones

On this weeks episode, we are talking about one of the greatest fictional characters of all time, Indiana Jones! Jeffery Moss and Tim Champlin join this episode to break down each of the 4 Indiana Jones films! We share why this character is so important to each of us and why these films are timeless classics!

July 21, 2019  

EP#97 Marvel Phase Four & Batman Hush (2019)

This week on the show we are talking about Marvel Phase 4 and the brand new DC Animated film Batman Hush! Jeffery Moss and Tim Champlin join the show to share their thoughts about the newly announced Marvel films. We then break down the brand new film Batman Hush!

July 10, 2019  

EP#96 Spider-Man Far From Home (2019)

Spider-Man Far From is the newest entry in the MCU and Spider-Man franchise. This week Jeffery Moss and Tim Champlin join the show to discuss everything about the newest Spidey flick.

July 2, 2019  

EP#95 How to Integrate the X-Men into the MCU

Today on the show we are talking about what we would like to see once the X-Men finally make their appearance in the MCU! Tim Champlin and Jeffery Moss join me for the first half of the show followed by another conversation with Matt Olsen. We talk about how to integrate the X-Men into the already existing MCU, which characters we’d like to see, what kinds of stories we want, and much more! How would you like to see the X-Men merged into the MCU?

June 23, 2019  

EP# 94 Dark Phoenix (2019)

We are finally back to tackle the latest and also last entry in Fox X-Men films, Dark Phoenix! Critics and box office receipts have not been kind to the film, but is it really that bad? Matt Olsen and Tim Champlin join the show to share their thoughts. We also dive into some of the themes of the movie and whether or not the film captures the spirit of the Dark Phoenix story.

June 9, 2019  

EP#93 X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

Before we dive into Dark Phoenix, we are going back to discuss the 2016 film, X-Men Apocalypse. The much beloved comic book villain Apocalypse finally makes his way to the big screen, but is it done justice? Check out this episode with Matt and Myke Olsen to find out our thoughts about X-Men Apocalypse.

June 5, 2019  

EP# 92 X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

We are back talking all about X-Men Days of Future Past! Matt Olsen joins this episode, as we discuss why this movie is not only one of the best X-Men movies, but also one of the best of the superhero genre. Along with that, we share our thoughts about why this is one of the most inspiring superhero films yet!

June 2, 2019  

EP# 91 X-Men First Class (2011)

Today we are talking about the movie that helped get the X-Men back on track, X-Men First Class! Matt Olsen joins the show to discuss why this groovy X-Men movie is still well worth your time! What do you think of First Class?

May 19, 2019  

EP#90 Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This week on the show we are sharing our rankings of all the MCU films! Matt Olsen joins the show to countdown all 22 films from least to best! These are our rankings but how would you rank them?